layed you on my breast
eternally pressed on my shoulder now
the days turn to longer days
the micromoments of me and you

the rocks; you rocked me
you expected me to be there, so i was
and we will never be so entwined again

your hands are bigger now
reach for more than before
imprints of us locked inside my jaw

you could cut someone with your eyes
you sliced me in half
i was looking up at the white ceiling
motionless; why did i want to do this again

splash on the floor
you dancing as you do
rhythmic and hard

you weren’t even crying
i wasn’t either
it wasn’t our romance yet

you would take and i would give
it felt endless, but there was a beginning
there was an end; there always is
now, you breathe the life into my throat

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Red Monarchs

monarchs sleeping just below the shag carpeting
spurts of red emerge occasionally
wings outstretched like two blades
as we sit around on the memories fading

we were shaky; wanting to play it cool
there is nothing you could say to scare me
well there is one thing, you replied as we peered off the fourth story grated floor

just then, the fattest butterfly swished up from behind the baseboard
enamored by the sight; it provoked uninhibited exchanges
the carpet blows up and they all come flushing out

ribbons of red dust stream between us
so we latch on; walk them like a tightrope
no grip; it is effortless

i reach for the knobs; attempt to turn them down, but the flames already tower above us
every brass kettle and pot bubbling, immersed
bursting the cocoons open with our bare hands
you know i am scared of heights; but we dance on the catwalk anyway

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